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Are you planning to tour Amsterdam anytime soon? Have you thought of what to include in your luggage for Amsterdam? If this is your first trip to the Netherlands’ capital, then you may not have an exact idea regarding what to pack in it. Do not worry – this post has all the general tips and pointers for all-season travelers to the capital city.

General Information about What to Pack

Outfit Style:  Much of the city has a bohemian way of life. In fact, when you go to many restaurants and bars in Amsterdam city, you would end up wearing casual clothes suitable for everyday occasions. Vintage clothing is popular among the locals, and casual chic outfit will help you fit in like a local.

Scarf: Regardless of what time of the year you make the trip, it is suggested that you take a scarf along with you. Perfect for a cool summer evening, it will also keep you cozy on winter days. In addition, it can be used as a blanket when you are on the tour Amsterdam onboard a flight, bus and/or the train.

Flat Pair of Shoes: It is also recommended that you bring shoes that you can comfortably walk in. The city is full of cobblestoned paths, which are tough to navigate if you use any kind of heeled footwear. Cycling with flat shoes is a much easier exercise to do, and Amsterdam is home to many paths devoted to bikes.

Camera: There is no doubt in the fact that Amsterdam is a picturesque place. Besides cobbled lanes, the city is home to long winding waterways, and old architecture. So bring your camera if you are a shutterbug. Even if you are not all that crazy about photography, take a lightweight and portable cam to snap the beauty of Amsterdam.

Sunglasses: During spring, summer as well as fall, wearing sunglasses specifically meant for the UV eye protection are a must. These types of sunglasses can also hold back the hair and add a slight chic to your daywear. They are also ideal for hiding the eyes when you are attempting to sleep in long-haul journey.

A Book: Amsterdam is home to many serene places perfect for a good read. In addition, you would want to kill time on your long-hour journey to the Netherlands, or during the trips that you would make after you land in the country. There are perfect opportunities for a day trip from Amsterdam city, such as to the land of windmills “Zaanse Schans” to name. After all, how do you plan to pass time when on Amsterdam tours and having little else to do? Just channel the inner bookworm in you.

Spring Packing Essentials

If you are planning to visit the Dutch capital in the spring season, then you should consider a day trip or two. After all, it is the season of the tulips every year and the finest flower fields are in the outskirts of the central town.

To visit the countryside, you can take the well-connected public transport and/or opt to rent a bicycle for some days. After you arrive in Holland, you will realize that bicycling is very much a part of the Dutch way of life.

For daytime trips from the city during spring, it is suggested that you bring jeans, a warm jacket, and other tight outfits that you comfortable in. When it comes to footwear, a pair of comfy shoes and chic ankle boots is all you need for evening outings.

Summer Packing Essentials

The best possible weather is in summer, and the season also welcomes the vast majority of tourists to the capital city. Days are long during the summer season, and the weather is often sunny this time of the year. Open-air bars see a lot of crowds, and sun cream is also an absolute must. The city comes to life during summer; there are a lot of open-air festivals, performances, and public parks to visit.

What to Pack to Wear: Pack summer outfits, a light cardigan, a pair of slippers, and a warmer jacket. Sunglasses, sun cream, as well as a sunhat are definitely recommended too.

Autumn Packing Essentials

Few Dutch seasons beat a weekend retreat in Amsterdam during fall. This is when days are warm and balmy and evenings are cool and crisp. It is also when the foliage turns golden in color and the number of tourists outside gets fewer. Usually, there would not be long queues in front of museums.

What to Pack: Similar to your spring packing kit, take jeans, a warm jacket and some lighter ones for layering. It is also recommended that you carry comfortable shoes and nicer ankle boots to use as your evening wear.

Winter Packing Essentials

Besides the fact that it can be cold, often there is snow in Amsterdam winter. This also means hostels and hotels are less costly because there are a lot fewer tourists milling around. Besides, there are way shorter waiting times to get into museums.

What to Pack: Scarf, gloves, a warm coat, jeans or warm trousers, and some jumper jackets.