Some of the Main Objects Featuring in the British Museum Galleries

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Tour British Museum

British Museum Galleries

The British Museum, which opened its doors to the public in 1753, houses more than 8 million objects today that reveal the cultures from around the world. The museum is an epitome of man’s nature to explore, learn, and seek what goes behind the curious artifacts and objects on display. In fact, one could tour British Museum for weeks with bilingual guides and explore the ancient objects featured in the museum galleries. Below are some must-watch objects when on a British Museum guided tour.

Sculptures from Athens in Room 18

These are ancient remains from Athens, which constituted the Parthenon temple in parts established in 438 BC. They were taken off in the year 1805 by Lord Elgin in a bid to avoid the probability of degradation and came to the possession of the British Museum years later. The Brits formerly called them Elgin Marbles.

Ceramics from Ancient China in Room 95

These are historical objects and traces way back to the finding of porcelain in around 600 AD. There are approximately 1700 Percival David collections on display. Amongst the highlights in the gallery are the dual porcelain vases tracing back to the Yuan dynasty of the year 1351, which are often referred to as David Vases, named after the British Scholar Sir Percival David.

Anglo-Saxon Remains in Room 41

These are remains that trace back to 600 AD, but were discovered in the late 1930’s. The object is believed to be an ornamental helmet of an ancient king and found from the ship that landed on Sutton Hoo in England. The ship was full of treasures including the iron helmet and other treasures comprising of gold, jewels, and silverware belonging to the Byzantine Empire.

Egyptian Objects in Room 4

The gallery, spanning virtually the length of the west side of the British Museum, features Egyptian objects including the much adored Rosetta Stone tracing back to 196 BC. The objects in the gallery are synonymous with the magnitude, and the mystery of ancient Egypt. A related gallery to this is Room 62 and 63 where Egyptian Mummies are displayed.

In addition to these, you could catch the “Living with Gods” exhibit when you tour British museum anytime soon. Additionally, you can catch one of the highlights in Room 35, the ‘Lion Man’, which is an object to have already caught the eye of both Brits and tourists.